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Accessibility Statement


We take our responsibility for making accessible web content seriously. We have tried to make this website accessible to everybody, regardless of what browsing device is used. If you find something that needs improvement to make the website even more accessible, please contact us.


Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the website. Whilst this is a potentially useful feature for many users, accesskeys often conflict with keyboard shortcuts defined by the browser or operating system. Because of this, the The London Taxi Corporation Ltd website does not use accesskeys.

Standards compliance

This website is built on valid HTML 4.01 Transitional for structure and CSS for presentation.

A modern web browser is needed to make the most out of this website, but due to the separation of content from presentation it should be accessible to any browsing device.

Navigation aids

All pages on this website include a consistent set of global navigation links. In addition, all pages on this website include a search box.

To aid users of devices such as screen readers, an invisible link that allows the user to skip navigation links is provided.


Many links have title attributes which describe the link in greater detail, unless the text of the link already fully describes the target.

Whenever possible, links are written to make sense out of context.

All links can be followed in any browser, even if scripting is turned off.

Most external links from this website will open a new browser window. New windows are never opened without either a warning in either the text or the title attribute of the link.


Images on this website include descriptive alternate text attributes.


Foreground and background colours provide contrast throughout the website, with the majority of content appearing as off-black on white. Colour is never used as a sole method of grouping data.


The website has been constructed to allow access to its full range of functionality whether or not JavaScript is enabled in the browser. Where JavaScript is used, it is only used to enhance the user experience. It is never essential.

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