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International Distributor


When you embark on a distribution agreement with The London Taxi Company, it's not your average trade partnership.

We are there every step of the way and the support doesn't stop once you've purchased your vehicles.

We truly believe that the London Taxi is the very best in licensed taxi solutions, so not only will we support you in finding suitable operators, we'll provide additional support including after-sales and marketing advice, guidance and material.

When we sell a fleet of vehicles to you, we want to ensure that you not only find networks and routes to market; we're forming a lasting partnership with you in order to grow your business and deliver on our vision of seeing the iconic Black Cab on the streets of every major city across the world.

Find out more about the features and benefits of the world's favourite taxi or contact our International team via email or telephone to find out how you can import the famous Black Cab into your country.




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