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The safety features of the iconic London Taxi have been protecting drivers and passengers for decades.

These features, both preventative and protective, underpin why the London Taxi is the professional first choice, providing both the driver and the passenger with added peace of mind:


Super-tough centre division

  • Single-piece central division protecting the driver, as well as providing additional vehicle integrity and strength

Floor, roof and door lighting

  • Additional illumination ensuring safe entry and exit from the vehicle

Driver and passenger head restraints

  • Provide passive protection and reduces risk of injury

Separate independent lockable compartments

  • Driver controls ensure that passengers are further protected from exiting the vehicle into possible traffic

Adjustable rear seat belt harness for children

  • Additional protection for young travellers

Three point seat belts fitted to all seats

  • Safety as standard for all, from the driver to your customers

Swing door mechanism

  • Increased ease of use and improved visibility for oncoming traffic


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